Class levels

This year we have four levels of dance class being run throughout the festival. You can pick your own path using these levels to guide you!

Taster: these classes are suitable to people who have no previous dance experience.

Open level: these classes are suitable for dancers (in that style) who know the basics but are still learning to be comfortable on the social dance floor. With a focus on moves and shapes, open level classes are also designed to have a bunch of fun stuff for more experienced dancers, but the learning pace will be at a level that suits and stretches beginner dancers.

Challenge: these classes are suitable for dancers who are prepared to take on whatever hard stuff, technical challenges or sweet-but-tricksy moves the teachers have prepared. Most suited to intermediate and advanced dancers (in that style), challenge classes require confidence and experience, as well as the ability – or willingness – to improvise when called upon.

Advanced: we’re running one advanced Lindy Hop class taught by the DecaVitas. Dancers who qualify for the advanced class will need to be most (if not all) of these: regulars in their hometown advanced classes, teachers in their own dance scenes, regular performers and competitors, advanced social dancers, confident solo jazz jammers, developers of personal style, and champions of great technique. As all of this is pretty subjective, we’ll probably check-in with your hometown dance scene to make sure you’ll be able to make the most of the class.

Performance skills: three hours of class with breaks (challenge level) – you cannot join this stream halfway through the day. You must sign up to this stream with a partner. Spaces may be limited.