2019 Teaching squad!

  • Kara Martin and Evan Hughes (Melbourne, AUS)
    • Lindy Hop, Blues, Solo Blues, Showcase class
  • Jesse and Ana
    • Lindy Hop

As always we have exciting taster classes planned and this year we’ve added a stretch Yoga class on Sunday morning to get those tired bodies moving again.

Kara and Evan

Kara and Evan first encountered each-other on the blues floor at a late night party at Church City Blues, Australia’s first ever blues event. Since then, they have both made major contributions to the development and promotion of swing dancing across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. With almost 30 years of combined experience, Kara and Evan have taught swing and blues together at all levels they bring a mix of silliness plus brain breaking concepts to each class so every student can dance up a storm.

Kara has danced in one form or another since she was a kid. In 2004 she found swing dancing, and she’s never looked back. Kara has been an event organiser, manager, DJ, student, performer, choreographer, judge, competitor and dancer but teaching is where she excels the most. Bringing fun and collaboration to both leading and following, she loves empowering dancers to find their own style and musical journey. In 2019, she was the recipient of the all-rounder award at AJC where she competed as both a leader and follower across blues, balboa, shag, and various lindy hop competitions.

Evan, on the other hand, was a hard-core, dedicated non-dancer. Once he finally made the transition to the dance life, nothing held him back. His passion for social dancing has seen him travel all over to learn, teach, and hang out. Evan has been fortunate enough to win a bunch of things from balboa to blues, mid-tempo to lightning fast such as The Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize. He has taught in a bunch of cities in a bunch of countries, performed in a bunch of cool places, but in the end just digs social dancing a bunch.

More teacher info to come! Stay tuned…